Frequently Asked Questions

As we get questions in, we will continue to add to the list.

What other colors does Stryker come in Only comes in black
How long does the tether reach Ranges from 7 inches resting to 30 inches fully extended
Does cold weather effect this phone holder, I want to use for snowboarding Have fun, it was designed for the outdoors, so you are all good
What is the phone holder made of Components are silicone, plastics and polyester
Will Stryker 2.0 cover the edges of my phone Absolutely, this is how we can fit so many different phone sizes with such a firm grip. Most customers do not mind trading some minor interference for security of their phone
Will I lose any phone functions Everyone phone is a little different, but you can make adjustments with the silicone holder.
Where can I attach my phone Your choice!  Check out "Know Your Gear" page. We show the five different ways to anchor Stryker 2.0
I want to use for white water rafting, will the phone holder float Enjoy the rafting but ensure your Stryker 2.0 is tethered to yourself or how you choose to anchor. It does not float nor designed to float with your phone
Can you wash it Yes, components are silicone, plastics and polyester so some water and wipe it down
Is there a warranty Yes, 30 days from date of purchase. If you don't like it or doesn't work for you, just return. See "Refunds" page
How large is the phone holder and tether If folded the 3 components on top of each other, Stryker 2.0 would fit into palm of your hand
How much does the phone holder weigh Less than 2 ounces
What does the 2.0 stand for

We released the original Stryker several years ago. Now with some exciting enhancements, we are now releasing our 2nd version of Stryker. Hence, Stryker 2.0

Will Stryker 2.0 block the camera on my phone Our silicone holder stays clear on most iPhones and Android phones.  If there are interferences, holder can usually be adjusted
What if I break my phone while using Styker 2.0 Our warranty does not include your smartphone
Can you buy just the components No, we only sell full products
How does it work Check out our "Know Your Gear" page and our "Getting Started" videos
What can I attach to Slingshot Most common are range finders, fishing snips and pliers. Anything that can be wrapped with our nylon loop such as a plier handle or any tools designed to be attached via loop
How long should Stryker 2.0 last Based on the rugged materials, you should get many adventures out of it
What size of phones fit See our "Phone fit" page
Does the phone holder affect phone functionality The holder is designed for basic operations such as calling, photos, texting as well as clearance of buttons and charging port.  Due to the many sizes of phones, the holder may need to be adjusted as needed. 
Will Stryker fit over a phone my case The elastic silicone fits a variety of phones and cases. Check out our "Phone Fit" page