When it counts, having the RIGHT GEAR increases your opportunity for SUCCESS!!    That's REAL GEAR!

What distinguishes Stryker 2.0 and Slingshot from others in the market, is our custom designed tethers and the versatility they offer. Check out our videos on "Getting Started and “Tethering it up”, to see first-hand, the difference Real Gear offers!

Video: Stryker 2.0 in Action


Video: Getting Started with Stryker 2.0 Phone Tether

Video: Getting Started with Slingshot Gear Tether

Video: Tethering It Up, five ways to anchor your gear


Video: Slingshot & Range Finders - Find out why Slingshot is our TOP SELLER with optics!


 Zipper Pulls!!

With bowhunting and kayak fishing, you spend the majority of your time sitting down.  An ideal location to anchor your phone is your thigh pocket zipper.  Snap hook your Stryker 2.0 Tether right into the zipper pull string.  The thigh pocket enables easy access while sitting.  Also, eliminates the opportunity of your phone tether getting hung up with other gear, while moving left and right casting or grabbing your bow.