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Slingshot Gear Tether

Slingshot Gear Tether

The Slingshot Gear Tether is a must-have for any hunting and fishing enthusiast. This versatile Gear Tether works with a variety of hunting and fishing gear, making it great for any outdoor adventure. It provides a secure connection between your gear and yourself, ensuring that your gear is always within reach and secure.  With its light weight and durable construction, the Slingshot Gear Tether is the perfect way to keep your gear safe and secure, no matter where you go.

Did we mention it is stealth for your rangefinder and any other gear when it counts! 


  • Rugged, Versatile, Compact - fits in the palm of your hand and weighs less than 2 oz.
  • Stealth - no metal-to-metal carabiner rattling or retracting spring noises when it counts.
  • Strong coiled tether extends 7 - 30 inches. 
  • One tactical hard plastic quick release snap hook with 360 swivel to eliminate coil torque. 
  • Quick release snap hook provides ease of connecting on / off phone holder or any desired anchor point. 
  • Quick disconnect strong nylon cord works great for any connection points on a wide range of gear. 
  • Versatility in that "You choose" how you want to anchor your gear based on your adventure for that day. Clothes and gear can change based on the adventure, so we've got you secured. See our "Know Your Gear" page for list of anchoring suggestions. 
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